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Raspberry Pi, 25 Dollar retro gaming platform ?

4 Sep

Just yesterday a blogged about the Gameduino a low cost 8-bit gaming platform, today I came about the blogpost that R-PI (Raspberry PI) can run Quake 3D on TV composite output or HDMI screen.

That’s amazing what you can do with such a little footprint computer. The R-PI is based on an Broadcom ARM with GPU acceleration, powered at 600 Mhz, 256 MB Ram and usb ports for mouse/keyboard and external memory.

This is a little beast with an awesome price just 25 us $, the platform is developed for educational purposes and for the developing countries. But what way to start programming better than by programming games ?

Hope to get my hands on one of the early devices soon in the near future, production is planned for late 2011.

Some nintendo 64 style 3D games should be possible on this machine, hope they enable WEBGL in the browser that way you could start programming with just javascript and webgl using a library like three.js, the future looks promising !


A brand new gaming board for the Arduino

3 Sep

The gameduino is a new shield for the well know Arduino see my previous posts.

It gives the Arduino a vga en sound ouput and NES/Amiga capable graphics, simply stack this shield on top of any 328 AVR based Arduino and start programming your retro games. I ordered direct one from sparkfun, so more about this teriffic piece of hardware in the future.

Watch this blog…

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