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Hello again VIC or should I say VC-20 ?

9 Feb

I recently purchased a Commodore VIC-20 again, yes again, my first one I bought one here in Belgium in a local photo shop, must have been 1984 I realise now.


I think it was just a year later after I had bought a Sinclair ZX81, the VICĀ  was all what the ZX was not, lots of colour, sound chip, more memory (5K) and the price over here was just a little more than the ZX, I must have paid 7500 BEF for it.

Back to the future, luckily I won the bidding over a VIC-20 on a secondhand website. The VIC-20 was in it’s original box and all orginal included accessories were in mint condition. But I remarked some differences with my original VIC which was probably a Japanese model while this one was certainly destined for the German marked. Power supply was marked as VC-20, this is the name that the VIC was marketed in Germany as Volks Computer.

So in mint condition, but does it works, yes, the red power light flashed on and the VIC welcome screen was shown on screen….

For more technical info about the Commodore VIC-20, visit the wikipedia site it has extensive section on the VIC.

And welcome back VIC to my collection.

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