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Do kids nowadays still like old school games ?

13 Jun

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Quite frankly yes, while my youngest son likes high profile children game characters like Spongebob, we realy enjoyed ourselves playing DuckTales and Tom&Jerry on the Nintendo NES.

DuckTales is a game original released by Capcom in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, it’s a typical sidescroller with some nice moves. Graphics are nice but controlling  the main game character is a bit to difficult for a 4,5 year old. So some support from dad is welcome 😉

Tom&Jerry created by Hi Tech Expressions in 1991 and distributed by Bandai in 1991 is a similar game in concept as DuckTales but more easy to play, so dad has to watch most of the time.

Both games  can easy be picked up secondhand on ebay or other sites for 5 a 7 euros respectively.

So no excuse to not play these fine games with your children.

Game on…

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