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Retro computer museum in a cabinet

31 May

I finally found some time to get my collection out of the boxes, they still need a clean up or a retro bright treatment to make them a bit whiter again.


I try to collect the early eighties 8-bit microcomputers, still missing some essential hardware of that time:

– Apple II


– Acorn ..

– Oric Atmos

– Dragon

– Jupiter ACE

That last one, recently had the whole brand on sale at ebay for 10000 pound, if I had the money, … euromillions please !!! See http://www.thejupiterace.co.uk/

If I find some place in another cabinet I can display my collection of early 8/16 bit cartrdige based consoles, for the time being they are still in the boxes…

I’m becoming like my wife using closet space for retro stuff and she collects… dresses, shoes…. 🙂



Mitsubishi MSX ML-F80

23 Dec

I recently aquired an 1983 MSX manufactured by Mitsubishi;


It’s an MSX 1 with 64kb RAM I found some extra information here http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=431

DSC_0086 DSC_0085 DSC_0087

Msx basic isn’t the same as the C64 basic, I had to to some research to write  a small basic script with my 7 year old son, but we succeeded 🙂


Next find some cartridges to test the cartridge port, I never had an MSX when I was a child but a went to a local electorshop to try out their Sony hitbit which was on display. Remember playing some sort of ‘pitfall’ game on it. I have a hitbit in my collection but it isn’t in working condition.

Any Belgian retro-collectors out there who can lend me a cart ? They’re difficult to track-down on second-hand sites here.

Next time I dig up my Panasonic MSX together with  the Sony hitbit to complete the picture…


New to my collection the Schneider CPC 464

24 Dec

The CPC was originally created by Amstrad in 1984 and later produced by Schneider Germany for European countries on the mainland, like here in Belgium.


I recently picked up a CPC 464 the model with build-in tape recorder for a very decent price including  a green monitor. As a bonus almost 27 tape games where included many in excellent condition.

Amazing to see a 25 year old tape flawlessly loading, after a few minutes ‘The way of the exploding fist’ was showing on the screen.


The Quickshot joystick supplied with is a model that can be used with almost all 9pin db joystick connectors used by computers of  that time: Commodore, Atari, Msx, Amstrad… Never seen this model before but nice for  a retro collector as me, one model fits all … Can be used for a 2 player game, 2 leads are supplied player selection is done with a switch on top of the joystick.

You can read more about the Amstrad/Schneider on wiki pedia  

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