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Retro computer museum in a cabinet

31 May

I finally found some time to get my collection out of the boxes, they still need a clean up or a retro bright treatment to make them a bit whiter again.


I try to collect the early eighties 8-bit microcomputers, still missing some essential hardware of that time:

– Apple II


– Acorn ..

– Oric Atmos

– Dragon

– Jupiter ACE

That last one, recently had the whole brand on sale at ebay for 10000 pound, if I had the money, … euromillions please !!! See http://www.thejupiterace.co.uk/

If I find some place in another cabinet I can display my collection of early 8/16 bit cartrdige based consoles, for the time being they are still in the boxes…

I’m becoming like my wife using closet space for retro stuff and she collects… dresses, shoes…. 🙂



Duinomite, a frankenstein maximite, arduino, pic32 and basic computer for 30 euro’s

8 Jan

The Maximite is an arduino alike board based on a PIC32 chip and hosts a whole basic computer that can be compared to the early AppleII and Tandy TRS-80 computers,  using a monochrome video output (composite or vga).

Picture above is the Duinomite from Olimex, a Maximite compatible board, it sells for around 30 euro excluding TVA.

The board also features a full basic dialect that can be used to read/write IO pins and since you’ve got video it’s a full standalone arduino. The board uses an arduino like layout so it can accept arduino shields.

Basic programs can be stored via the included sd card interface just plugin a ps2 keyboard and start typing in those basic listings…

So if you search for a low cost reto style basic computer the Maximite/ Duinomite is for you.




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